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Saturday, April 16, 2011


This blog does not use MathJax. This blog was created to demonstrate how MathML can be rendered in blogger blogs in IE and Fire Fox. This blog still works in IE and Fire Fox. For IE, you will need MathPlayer. If using IE9, you may want to turn on the compatibility mode otherwise it won't render MathML even with MathPlayer installed.

I have created 2 blogs to demonstrate how one can use MathJax in blogger blogs to render MathML and also Tex. They are

Special Products Examples


Learning Tex

The first blog shows the best way to include MathJax script in the headers. You can examine the headers to find that out.

The second blog is there to test out various Tex code using MathJax. To tell the truth, I don't know Tex and I want to learn Tex. So, the title of the blog is Learning Tex. This blog has Tex code only. And, it gets rendered fine just about in any browsers, IE, Fire Fox, Chrome and Safari to name a few. It crashes my old Palm T/X though.


  1. MathJax looks promising so thanks for pointing it out to me. The two links that you posted are broken.

    Would you know of any javascript mathml editors that could be used alongside MathJax for easy creation of equations in a web application?

  2. I had domain name as, when it should have been

    Thanks for commenting, otherwise I would not have known the mistakes.

    Please check the links again and you will see that they work.

    I have seen a few javascript math eqn editors but I don't remember the sites where they are used. I use MathType to construct math eqn. It lets you copy the en as MathML or Tex.

    I may work on a simple javascript editor to test my eqn. In blogspot, testing is not problem, you can test by doing a preview before posting.

    You can check where I am starting from with the javascript editor at this link

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